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Drink real ale in York @ The Royal Oak #realale #york

The Royal Oak, York – Specialising in Real Ale and Good Food

The Royal Oak offers locally sourced, home cooked food. They also stock a fine selection of real ales in their cellar, which is served in their bar, which always has a welcoming atmosphere, with log fires burning in the cold winter months.

The building is reputedly haunted by several mysterious ghosts that come as they please. There is an old prostitute in the front bar; ghosts of children playing by the fire; a tall, gaunt man in the back room and two female ghosts, one on the first floor called Alice and one in the flat called Mary. Staff have repeatedly heard someone walk up stairs but on investigation have found no one there and staff have felt hands holding theirs as they pull pints. The tour bus stops close by Monk bar if you wish to get off and come for lunch or evening meal.

The Royal Oak, a 14th Century building, situated in the old street of Goodramgate, York!

The Royal Oak  serves quality of ale, their three permanent ales, are:

Theakstons Best Bitter 3.8%
Theakstons Old Peculier 5.6%
Abbot Ale 5.0%

They also have several guest ales on tap. More information about their Real Ales can be found here.

System Culture Limited

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Yahoo bought Tumblr

Tumblr has always been the wolf in sheep’s clothing

Way back in the earlier days of Internet history one brand became a market leader for search – then almost disappeared. Yahoo is fighting back, even if they are still only playing catch up.


For a while now Tumblr has been making waves with their blogging platform – but now maybe there is a threat on the horizon. Since 2007 its profile has slowly grown and raised a few admiring eyebrows. The product is a good one but what will happen if the brand gets smothered with Yahoo advertising will people ditch the brand?

Not quite a year after arriving at Yahoo! from Google, chief executive Marissa Mayer has apparently persuaded her board to approve the purchase of Tumblr – the go-to website for legions of young bloggers and internet sharers – for $1.1bn in cash, despite it making just $13m in sales last year.

The move, which will give Yahoo! a greater presence in social networking, will also make one more very young Silicon Valley tycoon out of David Karp. Now 26, Mr Karp launched Tumblr from his mother’s New York apartment in 2007. He had hitherto resisted approaches by potential buyers. The Independent

Tumblr has always been the wolf in sheep’s clothing – making other blogging platforms take note. This rise in popularity has encouraged WordPress to implement a strategy of informing WordPress users that they are quite happy for dual users to import Tumblr blog entries into WordPress via one of the  Tumblr to WXR conversion tools that are available on the web. Read more on their blog and see how to import…

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Ilfracombe harbour by 35mm_photographs

Business Starting Up: Survival Marketing Tips

According to the Office for National Statistics in the 2000′s the highest death rate in new businesses was in the business admin and support services sector – 14.8%. This means that out of 206 businesses that were started up with high hopes for success only 175 survived. So what do these stats say to an entrepreneur starting up a new b2b business in Devon? Read more…

The image above was taken with a Pentax K1000 35mm camera.

A website written and optimised for UK clients?

Still Life with glasses

Expat web design services – Lanzarote Are you an English speaking web site owner or a Spanish speaking business who require a website written and optimised for UK clients? …

There are over 3000 languages spoken by the human race today.  The language you decide to communicate your thoughts and product details in must be of a standard that enables the viewer to understand what you are trying to say.

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Promote your site or product

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Add your YouTube video and get free links

In Memory Of are offering a free memorial service to people who have created a YouTube video for their loved ones. Established in 1999 In Memory Of received worldwide TV, radio and media coverage. In Memory Of was set up to provide a new and unique service,enabling people to express their feelings for their loved ones using our memorial and obituary tribute facility. If you already have an obituary, memorial page or tribute on YouTube, please feel free to add the link to this site. In Memory Of has a considerable amount of daily traffic and placing your link and a few lines of text will enhance your tribute to your loved one.

Is a new horizon emerging as the sun sets on the UK recession?

The number of people out of work in Britain has fallen slightly to 2.61million, official figures revealed today. But the Government was hit with a mixed bag of data today as it emerged the number if benefit claimants has actually risen. The jobless total dropped 51,000 in the quarter to April, while the number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance in May rose by 8,100 to 1.6 million, ending two months of declines.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2162040/Unemployment-falls-slightly-2-6million-number-people-claiming-benefits-rises.html#ixzz1yLPwd9ao

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Free Facebook linking – #inmemoryof

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Place A Free Memorial  – We know that many people in the UK and throughout the world could benefit from our on-line obituary notice service and by being able to express their feelings for their loved ones using our memorial tribute facility. We want as many people as possible to be made aware of our service – and to have the opportunity to place their thoughts on the web site. … Continue reading →

Neil Cox 1957 – 1996 –  Neil’s talents on the guitar didn’t go unnoticed by his colleagues and he was asked to accompany Finbar Furey on a UK tour. Finbar, himself a great musician, became firm friends with Neil and once described him as a “genius … Continue reading →

The #poverty business

Poverty is the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Absolute poverty or destitution refers to the one who lacks basic human needs, which commonly includes clean and fresh water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter.

‘Oxfam is calling for an increase in the minimum wage to protect low income workers from dropping below the poverty line.

The charity says that the rising cost of living, combined with falling wages, and cuts to benefits, is creating the “perfect storm” for low paid workers. A report published by the charity today shows six out of ten working-age adults living in poverty come from working households.’

From Yahoo News

There is poverty in the UK but there is still a lot of money out there and businesses that deal in high end goods and travel are still booming – although several companies who service this sector have ‘gone to the wall’.

Starting up a new business is a combination of having hope, believing in yourself and your abilities, understanding your product or service, realizing there is a business opportunity but above all FEAR is there niggling in the back of your mind.

To be scared about taking a giant step towards creating a new business is probably the most important feeling you can use to your advantage – to take your ideas forward. Being afraid means you are asking all the right questions in your head.
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‘In the last six months, some 62pc of adults in the UK gave time or money to causes they care about. The generosity of the British public has been demonstrated following the death of Claire Squires, 31, in Sunday’s London Marathon. She had run the race in aid of the Samaritans, and the fund she initially set up has now attracted more than £600,000 of donations.’

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Lalique Art Deco glasswork on the Orient Express

The Orient Express

Dining Car 4141 named ‘Côte d’Azur’ was built in 1929 as a first class Pullman and was decorated by René Lalique who in the 1920s became famous for his Art Deco glass work. He was also responsible for the glass and elegant coloured columns which filled the dining room and “grand salon” of the SS Normandie and the interior fittings, cross, screens, reredos and font of St. Matthew’s Church at Millbrook in Jersey – referred to as “Lalique’s Glass Church”.

Contemporary Art Sale I am actually sinking deeper and deeper into poverty so if you can help me keep a roof over my head please make an offer for this painting here. La Belle et La Bête Original painting by Peter Bright . … Continue reading ?

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