Pannier Market South Molton Event – Antiques and Lunch

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Our March event is on Mother’s Day so why not come and browse the antiques and then have lunch with us?

15th March 2015 Pannier Market South Molton – Antiques Fair offers MOTHER’S DAY LUNCH in the Assembly Rooms (above the Pannier Market). We have arranged for The Garfield Girls (local caterers) to provide a 2 course lunch. Download our discount booking form.


MOTHER’S DAY LUNCH  tickets are available from: Elaine 01769 579398 or in person from Geoffrey Clapp Associates 10 Broad Street, South Molton, North Devon.

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We have established ourselves as a physical and virtual market place.

This website is our initial marketing tool and will be backed up by physical marketing in the press, radio and through the use of flyers.

If you are a Trader and would like to reserve a stand please visit our ‘Traders’ Page‘ and read more about our offers and fill in the ‘Booking Form‘.Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 19.21.24


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