Yahoo bought Tumblr

Tumblr has always been the wolf in sheep’s clothing

Way back in the earlier days of Internet history one brand became a market leader for search – then almost disappeared. Yahoo is fighting back, even if they are still only playing catch up.


For a while now Tumblr has been making waves with their blogging platform – but now maybe there is a threat on the horizon. Since 2007 its profile has slowly grown and raised a few admiring eyebrows. The product is a good one but what will happen if the brand gets smothered with Yahoo advertising will people ditch the brand?

Not quite a year after arriving at Yahoo! from Google, chief executive Marissa Mayer has apparently persuaded her board to approve the purchase of Tumblr – the go-to website for legions of young bloggers and internet sharers – for $1.1bn in cash, despite it making just $13m in sales last year.

The move, which will give Yahoo! a greater presence in social networking, will also make one more very young Silicon Valley tycoon out of David Karp. Now 26, Mr Karp launched Tumblr from his mother’s New York apartment in 2007. He had hitherto resisted approaches by potential buyers. The Independent

Tumblr has always been the wolf in sheep’s clothing – making other blogging platforms take note. This rise in popularity has encouraged WordPress to implement a strategy of informing WordPress users that they are quite happy for dual users to import Tumblr blog entries into WordPress via one of the  Tumblr to WXR conversion tools that are available on the web. Read more on their blog and see how to import…

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