Are you trying to attract UK clients


Spanish websites need optimising for the UK

There are inherent problems with writing content for websites that are not written in your native tongue – how do you know what to say?

If you have Spanish based business and are trying to attract UK clients contact North Devon Web and ask them to have a look at your site to see if you are getting your message across.

The language you decide to communicate your thoughts and product details in on a web based medium must be of a standard that enables the viewer to understand what you are trying to say. Human language is highly complex and is based on a set of rules where symbols, expression and sound have meaning. Business keywords are simply created by creating an infinite number of possible descriptions from a combination of different expressive elements.

The art of language and communication has been shackled

Si usted tiene negocio basado españolas y están tratando de atraer a los clientes del Reino Unido de contactos de North Devon Web y pedirles que echar un vistazo a su sitio para ver si usted está recibiendo el mensaje.El idioma que decida comunicar en la web debe ser de un nivel que permite al espectador a entender lo que está tratando de decir. El lenguaje humano es muy complejo.


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