StumbleUpon – Windows 8 trade secrets

From the blog of StumbleUpon: We’re always looking for new opportunities to bring the surprise-filled Stumbling experience you love to more devices and platforms. Starting today, we are pleased to bring you a great Stumbling experience on Windows 8 Release Preview, available now in theContinue reading

With the StumbleUpon app for Windows 8 Preview you can:

  • Stumble seamlessly – Discover great web pages, photos, videos and more in an immersive full-screen experience.
  • Share with anyone – Share the content you discover with other Stumblers or with people using other Metro-style apps using the Share charm.
  • View your Likes – Quickly browse through your Likes in a visually rich grid view.
  • Explore specific interests – Enter a word or phrase using the in Search charm to discover related pages via StumbleUpon’s Explore Box.
  • Preview Stumbles – You can snap the StumbleUpon app and view recommended Stumbles, even when you’re using another app.
  • Stay Connected – See recommended Stumbles directly in the StumbleUpon tile before launching the app.

StumbleUpon – trade secrets

We cannot recommend this article more… because if you are serious about Internet marketing then you really have to get involved…

The StumbleUpon app for the iPhone and iPad is a simple idea and an extension of the website. This app is a great little mobile tool for helping with optimization of websites and tracking popular pages. You can see in an instant what your favorite ‘stumble’ is doing by click counting and watching trends. Your mobile account is automatically synced with your web account so you can browse your Likes anytime on either platform, enabling you to share your interesting finds with anyone via email, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and others. This is a very useful addition to my app collection and it works perfectly side by side with my WordPress app. Read more…

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