Your #business is a success – the hard work has paid off

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Veronica Henry

You suddenly wake up one morning and realize your business is a total success, all the hopes and dreams, the hard work and pain has paid off – BIG TIME.

You have the latest iPhone, the latest Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe, the Art on the wall and the biggest Cartier watch in the world; you suddenly have more Twitter followers and Facebook friends (who want to bask in the heat of your shadow) but all this proof of success is dismissed in your head and self perceived as just luck, timing, or a result of deceiving others into thinking you are more intelligent and competent than you actually are.

This fear of being found out is a natural process, you eventually get over it.

…Psychologists call this ‘Imposter Syndrome’ — or the nagging feeling that we haven’t really earned our success. It’s astonishingly common: raise the subject in any circle of friends, and confessions will tumble forth.

Veronica Henry (best selling author, TV script writer and features writer) explains: ‘Lots of people envy the ability to write, and so think you’re a genius, and you sit there and think: “No, I’m not!”. That leads you to think: “Am I a fraud? Am I lucky? Am I just hard-working?” You flip between feeling very confident and then not at all.’…

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Bracken House, formerly known as The Old Rectory, is situated on the edge of the popular North Devon village of Bratton Fleming. It is within easy driving distance of the spectacular coast, Exmoor and many other local attractions, including National Trust properties, gardens at RHS Rosemoor, Castle Hill, Marwood and Tapeley Park. We are very proud to have recently been awarded a Four star Silver Award and Breakfast Award from Quality in Tourism (February 2012) for our three ensuite Bed and Breakfast rooms.

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