Facebook – Emperor’s new clothes?

I know I’m a middle aged English man but I am a bit fed up with ‘targeted advertising’. Look – I have an eight year old son, which means I can’t go on luxury cruises exclusively for adults, I can’t afford it anyway – I’m a starving artist.

peter bright - painting 2005

A starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects. (via Wikipedia)

Maybe I do qualify for cheaper insurance but for goodness sake don’t ram the age thing down my throat. I’m happy with who I am but… Maybe I am too old for Facebook or maybe it is because I have a mind and will of my own!

Do you remember the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, you know the one about the king type guy who walked around naked because he was told he looked good and only the smart dudes could see and appreciate his finery, is this what Facebook has become? When I look closely at it I see very little substance – or maybe I am not ‘cool’ and out of step – underneath the finery all I see is a mishmash of clutter and idle chitchat. It’s a load of nonsense! Full of people obsessing about themselves all piles of self-promotion promoting thing that nobody really wants. YAWN.

What is Social Media and how can businesses can use them?

1: Social Media Means Social Networking
Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become great resources for finding new customers. But to get these networks (especially Twitter) to work to your advantage, networking is crucial. Your prospective clients search for companies with similar interests and services to their own and support them by “following” them or “liking” them. The idea is that those companies will return the favour — ultimately leading traffic to both sites, and helping each company grow.

2: Update, Update, Update
The World Wide Web is more dynamic than ever these days, which means it’s becoming more and more important that your clients are frequently updating their sites. Fresh content keeps people coming back for more. Facebook fan pages need daily new content, and interactive websites such as a blog should be updated at least 3 to 4 times a week. While this may sound aggressive, clients will benefit by recognizing the importance of keeping their site content fresh — without it, people will stop visiting.

This all sounds very expensive to me, too much time wasted and a greater workload for maybe little return.

A bombardment of self promotion from twitter, facebook etc.

This Window

“Come and see my new products on my new website! 😉 You know as soon as that pops up in front of you on your screen the prospect of having a tooth removed without pain relief is more tempting. This constant relentless blitzkrieg of drivel makes me want to surrender. Quite frankly if your modus operandi is purely to get noticed, because you think you are interesting, you need to get a life! Put some of your energy into saving the planet (or a Panda) and not just your ego. Better still get out there and make real friends and become interesting.

This constant bombardment of self promotion from twitter, facebook etc. is driving me nuts. The Internet is a more sophisticated tool than this. It is a travesty to allow it to become a vehicle for pure unadulterated, egotistical spam.

Read more: http://technorati.com/business/small-business/article/i-would-rather-have-a-tooth1/#comments#ixzz1Zz9fhNYg

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