The Internet Has Just Got Very Boring!

The spirit of punk should be revitalized in this prescriptive, common script, widget, cut and paste web design world. Isn’t is about time we forgot the paste bit and cut and rip the internet into shreds and create an adrenaline fueled, chaotic explosion. I think what I’m trying to say is The Internet Has Just Got Very Boring! It is time for Anarchy in the web design world – our clients are asking us to create something different…..

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Getting people to impulse buy is difficult?

A friend of my father’s is addicted to shopping online he has a garage full of stuff including 4 large sacks of Lumache pasta, and several sets of garden furniture. I suppose his impulse purchasing is a serious habit (I can’t get him to buy my paintings though so he can’t be that ill). What do you do and how do you get people to buy your stuff if you own an online store?

Creating a focal point online that is memorable, is important to your Art business (or any business) and vital in perpetuating all the hard work you have done with your website’s creation.

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Death by Sushi' Fish can kill me. When I was very small (maybe 3 or 4 years old) my grandfather, who lost the sight of one eye from a bullet fired by a German sniper (fortunately not a very good one) during the Battle of the Somme in World War 1, wiped my face with the corner of his apron, an apron he had used to wipe his filleting knife on. He was a grocery shopkeeper who specialized in wet fish. I think I am an artist (?)

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